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1:57 AM
Questions & Answers: Answers to Common ?'s
Here Are Answers To Common Questions you may ask.

My Channel Background? 

I made my channel background myself in Paint. I Took a screen shot of my channel by pressing "print Screen", and pasted it in paint.

My Icon/Logo?
Yes, I made my icon. I used Powerpoint 2007 to  make it. I also have a Video on how to do it.

Can I Be You're Partner?
Sorry, no, I don't do partnerships with other users on youtube.

Video Editing Programs/Recording?
I use Camtasia Studio 6 to edit my videos, and Use Camtasia Screen recorder to record them also. I have a video on it.

Computer Operating System?

I have a HP dv6830us laptop, with Windows Vista Home Premium. 3gb of Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo.

Do You Make Icons, Intros or Backgrounds for Others?

No, sorry, Please Don't Ask.

How did you make your intro/outro?
I didnt make it, another youtube user did in adobe after effects, but his account was suspended, and I have not talked to him since. I do not know how to make one like it.

Are you a Youtube Partner?

Yes I am, After 4 denials for partnership, I finally became a partner on April 21st, 2010. I had 6,548
subscribers at the time.

Whats the Name of the Background Song In your videos?

It's called "Power Whoosh" I downloaded it from digitaljuice.com for free in their Free section, but They NO longer offer the song or any songs for free. You would have to buy it now.

Where else are you at to contact?

Im on twitter: Twitter.com/yutubemedia
On youtube: youtube.com/yutubemedia
And I have a Contact Me Page on my site: Contact Me
I am NOT on Facebook, Linked In, Digg, or Myspace.

What equipment do you use for your videos?

I use a Canon Powershot SD850 IS for non computer videos like products.

Can i get a shoutout in your Video or channel or Description??
Sorry, i dont participate in shout outs, my videos would look like their all spam.
I get a dozen requests a day,

Do You have Skype Or MSN?

No, I like to have minimal amount of programs on my computer. But mainly Because i dont feel like adding more stuff to do on the computer.

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are you purchase all gadget show in youtube tutuorial or you advertised them and earn mony?
sorry for my english
Answer: No, i do not get paid money or anything to make the review videos of products.

Hi I applied to YouTube partners a month ago. They still have not replied Is their something wrong? sad

Please help THANK YOU! biggrin

Answer: No, just wait, it takes a LONG TIME! I waited 2 months one time!

is yutubemedia realy a partner?

i looked on the interactive game and it had adds.


Answer: No hes not.

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