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Main » 2010 » April » 19 » All About JailBreaking
9:30 AM
All About JailBreaking
So i recently got into the jailbreaking "business", and it took a lot of time to learn it all. But first, for the ones who dont know, Jail breaking is when you connect your Ipod, iphone, or any apple device to your computer, and run a Program to it that Cracks the devices Code, and allows you to run any code on your device.

The whole point of jailbreaking is to get a program called "Cydia" on your ipod or iphone. This Cydia Program, or "App" lets you change your themes, colors, designs, download 3rd party apps, and customize it to how ever you like. Even change the Boot image from the white apple, to any image you want. Some people also may do it for their iphone so they can use the iphone on other networks Besides ATT. So people can use it in countries that it is not allowed if they want.

This is from Wiki:  "Once jailbroken, iPhone or ipod users are able to download many applications previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia, as well as illegally pirated apps. A jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch is still able to use and update apps downloaded and purchased from Apple's official App Store."

There are a couple main programs used to jailbreak. The Main two developers of these programs are GeoHot who created the program "BlackRa1n", and The DevTeam which is a group of about 12 hackers who created several programs such as "PwnageTool", "redsn0w" and "ultrasn0w".

Now each time apple releases a new update, known as firmware, for the iphone or ipod touch, the previous jailbreaks will no longer work, and the hackers at Dev Team or GeoHot will have to find a new hack for the new firmware.

As of date, The Dev Team has been able to jaibreak every update to the iphone or ipod touch that apple has made, BUT each time it takes them a longer time to jailbreak it, because apple does their best to prevent jailbreaks by closing every loop hole and exploit. Its a cat and mouse game! As of right now, the newest version for the ipod touch is 3.1.3, which only has partial jailbreaks, depending on the model of your ipod touch, Because apple keeps adding new hardware and boot systems to stop the jailbreaks, which is making it hard to create jailbreaks. But, its just a matter of time before the Dev Team or other hackers find a way to jailbreak it.

So thats the sum of it. You can Message me on twitter for questions or comment below!

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