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4:37 AM
Become a YouTube Partner
Ha everyone, I wanted to talk about tips and advice to work on to become a partner. Now I know I Am NOT a youtube partner myself, which is why i need to work on the tips below myself! These Tips include many words of advice from several other youtube partners that I talked to myself and asked them what their advice to me was. So read this, and maby it will help you. But remember, just so you don't get mad at me, its not guaranteed that you will become a partner just by following all the below, but will increase your chances greatly!

Subscribers: Alright, so needing lots of subscribers is a no brainer right? Well, actually it can be quite different for each person. Now Generally, Yes, the more subscribers the better chance you have, but that's not always the case,
 for example, this guy: HellboyIIGoldenArmy, has only 1 subscriber and is a youtube partner! Dont believe it?, click the link! But ya, I would reccomend that you have at least 500 subscribers to be a youtube partner, maby less, it all depends.

Videos: Okay, so this is an important one, You need to have a decent number/amount of videos on your channel. But that doesn't mean just upload random cruddy videos, they all need to be legitimate videos. I would recommend you have at least 40 videos on your channel. But again, as for every one of these tips on here, it varies. Because Fred has been a partner for years, and has just now Reached 40 videos. But that's because Fred gets more views per video due to his Enormous X50 audience, lol. A lot of partners told me to "Be Original", come up with your own video ideas, icon, etc...

Views matter a lot when it comes to being a partner, because that is your audience size, which is what youtube will really look for when you apply. They actually say that they want "Each video To be watched by thousands". But I wouldn't worry to much about this. But its best to have like at least 900 or more views per each video. Now it'd mainly your video views that matter, but also channel views can be a little helpful to, But that's not the biggest worry. I'd recommend you have at least 180- 230,000 total video views. to see your accounts total video views, click here: Check Views

Already, we all know what this means, the thing that almost everyone has been affected by & hates the most. Yes, copyright. Now Youtube, (as you probably have noticed), has lately been making an enormous movement against people with any copyrighted material on youtube since they were sued by Viacom. This is one thing I'm 100% sure on, that you will not become a partner if you have a copyrighted flagged video, whether its music or Video. I'm sure you've seen how youtube will put advertisements over the videos with copyrighted material as sort of a consequence. So you must remove ALL videos with copyrighted music or video. Even if its only a 10 second part of a song. Also nothing illegal, like prank calling, vandalism, hacking, stealing, etc...

 In your account settings it tells you whether you have any copyright flags: Click Here to check, But just because you may not have any detected Flagings, doesn't mean its okay to keep other videos up with copyright material. Youtube will watch all your videos!

Behavior: Yes, i know this sounds goofy, I'm not positive about this, but I have heard from others, that youtube has access to read even all your Personal Messages. Whether it's called personal or not. So if they saw you sending rude messages or "Cyber bullying", then that could jeopardize your chances. But they definitely can check your comments. so I highly recommend to handle rude comments maturely, just say block them and remove it rather than cussing them out.

So, there you have it guys and girls, Hope this helps. And good luck. Just remeber, it will vary for everyone, thats everyone! Because there's partners with 1 subcriber & 1 video, and theres partners with 400 subscribers.


Here is advice from partners i talked to:

•"At least 30-40 videos, each video should at least have 1,000 video views our higher.

You can't have any copyright, which means nothing illegal, no ads or anything you don't own.
Subscribers should at least be 500 and higher. They are not really always looking at that.

And be yourself, make good videos that entertain the crowd, youtube wants to trust you, they don't want to give you an opportunity so you can screw it up, you have to earn their respect, and do your best to reply to everyone with good comments.

•"stay original and do your own thing.
if people have seen the same thing over and over again, they're gonna get bored of it, but if you give them something original and they like it they'll sub to you.


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thanks dude I'll keeps this in mind btw check out my videos (LOL biggrin )

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ill try this.I went from sped songs to blogs so i have some stuff to check

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Thank you for all the great advice. Keep on rocking yutubemedia

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