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Okay, so weve all heard the phrase "how to make money online", Some are legit, some are fake scams...But the banners and sites listed below, are all the sites and methods Ive used to make money online. NONE of them have made me a big amount of money at all, but thats why you have to use multiple sources to make it add up. Even then, your not gonna make a living on it, unless you were super determined. So anyways, this post is not meant to just get you to click on something below to refer you, thats not my point, its just to show you the different sites ive used, and you can try them out if you want


Cashcrate has been my most successful site ive used for cash, Ive made up to $200 in one month, and sometime just $50...But its pretty consistent. Rather th ... Read more »
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A good way to make referrals is making people aware about the site, by passing out bussness cards! Below is My business card I made in Adobe PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator. And a video on how to make the cards & where to put them in the public.


      Thats my Cashcrate business card                                              Thats how many I have, 250.

... Read more »
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This Explains How to Get Started With Cashcrate, To Make Money, Gain Refferals, & more. If you need tips, its all here!

  • #1) Watch My youtube video That demonstrates how cashcrate works, what you do to make cash, & how the refferals work. Link to Video- CashCrate Video


  • #2) When your in your Cashcrate Account, Click "Message Center", Then Scroll Down & Read your Messages. Theres A Message With A Entire Guide Of Tips, Tricks, & Methods to be more successful.
      &nbs ... Read more »
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Well see cashcrate says that you can only make money off of 1st & 2nd level refferals, and thats the furthest. But, you actually can go further than that, Such as make cash off of 3rd and 4th level referals to! This is how, say that a second level referal of youres named Mike recruits a refferal named Molly, & molly make a $100, well 20% goes to Mike, and then you get 10 percent of that, cuz mike is youre 2nd level referal. Look at the picure below, It explains it--

This picture is EVEN more complex!

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Go around posting ads on craigslist in populated cities like NewYork, La, & Houston. I also post ads on a site called which tells you how many people have viewed the ads!

 Here Are some example ads that i posted on, You can copy them and use them in your own posts on craigs list! By the way, i didnt really make $800 in december, that was just to convince people on craigslist! Make sure the Cashcrate banners are from  your account though.

► MAKE EASY MONEY At Home Now! All online (Anywhere) 100%FREE

Make cash now on a safe real, paying site people. I promise this is real, not a scam or referral! check it out! I made $120.15 in december, in all spare time. ... Read more »
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Ha Everyone. I wanted to just post a little about my cash crate Story. Your probably like, "What are you talking about?" Well, I first discovered cash crate in a video on you tube. I clicked on the link in the video description, And i didn't realize this at first, but that link  referred me to this guy. So I Made an account and eventually had 42 referrals!! But the guy that referred me sent me some rude messages, telling me to "quit being so stupid, and complete more damn offers!", I don't know what the guys problem was, but so at this point, I didn't want to be referred by him, it aggravated me a bit.

So One night, at like 12:30am, I went outside, just walking around my neighborehood, carrying my laptop, looking for a free Wireless connection, to make a new cash crate account. Eventually I found a unsecured network after about 40 min in freezing weather, bare foot, and made a new account.
The reason why I had to use someone elses connection is because if I us ... Read more »
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Which logo do you think should be a future logo of YuTubeMedia?
Or create your own logo for YuTubMedia & attatch the image to You're Comment!  I will post it on here!!
Comment on which one you like!!

                    #1                                            &n ... Read more »
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